The best road trip routes on the planet

The best road trip routes on the planet

Anyone who loves travel and adventure dreams of going on the ultimate road trip. We’ve listed some of the most scenic routes across the globe, sure to make all your road trip dreams come true.


Great Ocean Road, Australia


This 178 mile long road stretches from Torquay to Warrnambool in southwestern Victoria. This route is famous for its ‘Shipwreck Coast’, which is home to the Twelve Apostles: rock formations of up to 200 feet high.

Cabot Trail, Canada


There are many sights to see along the Cabot Trail, a 185 mile road which stretches across Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton island in Canada. The northern part of the trail is known to be home to much wildlife, such as moose, black bears and bald eagles.

The Garden Route, South Africa


This 125 mile- long drive is a great way to see much of South Africa’s natural beauty and offers sights of many mountains, lakes, lagoons, beaches, forests, vineyards and more.

Southern Scenic Route, New Zealand.


This rugged road along the coast of New Zealand is perfect for discovering the majestic beauty of the country’s nature.

Ring Road, Iceland


The 832 mile road is perfect for exploring Iceland’s’ breathtaking scenery, where you’ll get to see blue fjords, volcanic craters and big open spaces.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA


This famous cliff-hugging route stretches from Carmel to Morro Bay along the California coast and takes about 5 hours to complete. Expect one of the most exhilarating driving experiences as this is one of America’s most scenic routes.



Causeway Coastal Route, Ireland 



The Causeway Coastal Route stretches from Belfast to Londonderry. Exploring this route is one of Northern Ireland's greatest adventures!


The Road to Hana, Hawaii


The Road to Hana in Maui may be short (only 109km), but it contains fifty narrow bridges, steep cliffs, cascading waterfalls and beautiful views of Hawaiian beaches.


The Pan- American Highway


Last but certainly not least, the Pan-American Highway might just be the worlds’ ultimate road trip. This route travels from Patagonia in Southern Argentina to Alaska, covering an astonishing 48,000km. Be prepared to see virtually every ecosystem and climate along the way.