Adventurous trips with the kids

Adventurous trips with the kids

Who said parents couldn’t go on adventurous trips or holidays? Travelling with the kids should be just as fun, if not more! Planning is just key to be prepared for the unexpected craziness the little ones can bring. Make sure you are ready for the best family holiday ever by following these tips and tricks! To offer you some inspiration, we also collected the best travel families for you.

Where to go?


Lake Vättern, Sweden

The perfect road trip country for families must be Sweden. If you take a trip along side Lake Vattern, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery Sweden has to offer as well as the many attractions on your way for around 300 km long. Besides endless lake possibilities, river rafting, canoeing, hiking and lakeside cycling there are plenty places to visit.

Dalguise, Perthshire, Scotland

For those who want to be surrounded by nothing but adventure and nature should go to this beautiful location in Scotland. You can choose to stay in either the wooden cottages or 18th century mansion. It’s a small two hours away from Edinburgh and Glasgow and has enough attractions close by besides the site itself. This may not even be necessary as there are many adventurous activities on site.

Finland (in the winter)

The country is so impressive, that it doesn’t really matter where you go.. The endless snow and countless unique experiences will definitely make your kids remember this trip. When you have little ones, take them to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi house to give them the best Christmas ever. Also, don’t forget to say hi to all reindeer and huskies around!

United States

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, West Virginia, United States

It’s a little different than the regular road trip, but definitely worth a shot as the kids will love it. Instead of travelling by car, you get to see the beautiful Cass by sitting in a steam locomotive. The park has the largest collection of Shay locomotives and has many other activities to offer such as biking, boating, fishing and hiking.

Zion National Park, Utah, United States

National Park trips are always a good idea and especially Zion National Park when going with the kids. With a wide variety of spots to stay and visit, your kids will never get bored. You can even stay overnight at several private campsites that are only a short drive away from the park. You definitely shouldn’t miss Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock and Temple of Sinewava.

Elk Mountain Ranch, Colorado

You can find this adventurous ranch in the middle of the San Isabel National Forest close to Buena Vista, Colorado. It’s surrounded by wildlife and beautiful nature as it’s so excluded. Besides horseback riding, there are many group activities and of course you can stay in one of their wild west inspired lodges.   


Madikwe Safari Lodge, South Africa

It’s one of South Africa’s largest reserves and is perfect for the little ones. Madikwe offers fantastic safari trips of several days with the famous Big Five in a malaria-free zone. It’s very child friendly and they have even highlighted their 3 most child comfortable overnight lodges making it the perfect family holiday.

Must bring

1. Camera for your kids to take pictures

Let the kids take pictures of whatever they like! It's a fun activity for them and a great way to see the holiday through their eyes. Additionally, it will give you a great sense of what interest them during a holiday, which will help you plan activities ;)

2. Travel journey

Giving the kids a travel journey will make them draw and write down what they have seen and learned. This is a great way for them to visualise everything and learn from what they have seen in their time abroad. It will also be great to look back at in a couple of years.

3. First Aid kit

There is nothing worse than someone getting sick and not knowing what to get them in a foreign pharmacy. Besides, not all pharmacists are a star in speaking English.. Bring a standard medicine package from home to make sure the illness remains limited and everyone can still enjoy their holiday!

4. Track system

If your kid is an explorer, you might want to consider giving them a tracking bracelet. This way, you can always know where your little one is even from a distance. There is nothing more scary than losing your child in an unknown crowded place, or even worse, the middle of nowhere.   

5. Snacks, PLENTY

Make sure your kid never goes hungry and set aside the regular home diet for the holiday. But try to stay away from too many sweets as we don’t want the kids sugar rushed in the middle of the day. 

Get inspired by..

There are many amazing families out there who do not fear but live for family holidays! Get to know our top picks and enjoy their family adventures: 


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