“From a really small package into a chair that everyone wants to sit on. People still say it’s magic.”

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think big

We’re from Amsterdam, so we’re used to looking beyond ordinary borders. Perhaps that's why we started this adventurous journey.

With a small and inspired team of inventors, storytellers and designers we try to invent innovative products which change the world of seating. Yes, we like to think big. We consider ourselves explorers of the new world. There is still so much left to discover.

from air to chair

Whether it's hiking through the mountains, chilling on the beach or even grilling in your own garden on a sultry summer night. You probably love going outside just like we do. To feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and to smell the fresh air.

You want to relax, but you probably don’t like carrying heavy folding chairs along the way. That’s why we came up with an idea to transform the air you breathe into a chair that you can comfortably sit on. In just a couple of minutes, anywhere you want.

it ís about the details

We like making products that we would buy ourselves. That’s why we think of every little thing. From the best raw materials to the finest stitching details. And if air if your main ingredient, your product sure has to be airtight. All the way.

Therefore we test all our products over and over until they are foolproof. In case you want to take it to outer space. Hypothetically speaking of course. If you actually plan on doing so, please let us know.

join our journey

Selling to customers in over 40 countries, we are proud to say that we've already created more comfort around the world. But we’re just getting started.

Please keep telling us what you think of our products so we can keep exploring. Who knows where we might end up.

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