frequently asked questions

How do I return my TRONO?

You can return your TRONO within 30 days. Please note the TRONO has to be in the original re-selling state.

The customer pays for the return shipping costs. Please contact us using on of the contact options on this page, and our Customer Support Team will assist you.

I have received a damaged or wrong item

If you're unhappy with the product or you have received a damaged item, we will do everything in our power to solve your problem. To assist you further, our Customer Support Team is here for you. Please use the contact options on this page to contact us.

Which payment options do you offer?

Customers can pay through any of the following options:

- MasterCard
- Visa
- American Express
- PayPal
- Bitcoin

How much weight can the TRONO handle?

The TRONO can easily hold up 150 KG / 330 LBS.

What are the dimensions of the TRONO?

Without air and in the backpack, the dimensions are:
25 cm (9.5in) long * 20 cm (7.5in) wide * 10 cm (4in) high        
When the TRONO® is fully inflated, the dimensions are:
120 cm (48in) long * 100 cm (40in) wide * 95 cm (38in) high

To which countries does TRONO ship?

TRONO ships to: 

- United States of America

- Canada

- European Union

- Australia

- Singapore

- Hong Kong

- Indonesia

- Japan

- Malaysia

- Mexico

- New Zealand

- South Africa

- South Korea

- Taiwan

- Thailand

- Turkey

- United Arab Emirates

How long will it take before I receive my TRONO?

We generally ship your items out within 24 hours. Typically, your TRONO will arrive at your doorstep within 1 – 3 business days.

What kind of material is the TRONO made of?

We only work with high quality materials. The TRONO is made of high quality triple-coated nylon fabric, the same that is used in parachutes. There is no plastic inner bag or lining. The triple-coated nylon makes sure the fabric is completely airtight. This new technique ensures you can chill on your TRONO for hours on end.

What is the weight of the TRONO?

The TRONO only weighs 0.8 KG or 1.7 LBS.